Ministries of Worship: We serve Christ through liturgy & prayer.

Altar Servers

Altar servers attend to the altar and assist the clergy during Mass and other liturgies. Boys and girls who are at least eleven-years-old who have received First Holy Communion are welcome to serve after they have attended the necessary training. Being an Altar server is a privilege and should be conducted at all times with great reverence.
Point of Contact: (English) Hugh Kinsell, (404) 717.3722
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Art & Environment

The Art and Environment serves to enhance and beautify the worship space. Decor and floral arrangement within the worship space contribute significantly to our liturgies. Their objective is to create an environment that will draw people into worship. Seasonal meetings are called on an as-needed basis.
Point of Contact: Clare Wischerth 770.965.5645, Monika Wegner 770.945.6125
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Audio & Visual

The members of Audio and Visual are tasked with running the mixer soundboard and videotaping Liturgies. New members who are comfortable with electronics are always welcome.
Point of Contact: Ben Vigil,
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Cantors, Choir & Music

Children’s Choir

Children in grades K-8th grade comprise this Ensemble, which sings once a month at different weekend Masses.
Point of Contact:Theresa Patel (678)697-6902,
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Parish Choir

The parish choir is present for the 10AM Mass. This ensemble is age-appropriate for youth to adult. Commitment includes Thursday Rehearsal at 7:30PM. Nursery is available during rehearsals.
Point of Contact: Director of Liturgy and Music
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Sounds of Praise

Sounds of Praise is present for the 1230PM Mass. The ensemble is age-appropriate for youth to adult. A full praise band usually leads music with this ensemble. Commitment includes Thursday Rehearsal at 7:30PM. Nursery is made available during rehearsals.
Point of Contact: Director of Liturgy and Music
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St. Cecilia Spanish Choir

St. Cecilia Spanish Choir is present fot he 2:30PM Spanish Mass. Commitment includes Tuesday Rehearsal at 7:15PM.
Point of Contact: David Rico, (678) 943-0268
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Life Teen Worship Team

LifeTeen Worship Team is present for the 5:30PM LifeTeen Mass and an integral part of our Life Teen Program. A full praise band leads music with this ensemble. Commitment includes Sunday Rehearsal at 4PM.
Point of Contact: Mark Mayer,
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Elijah Cup

Families receive a chalice used during Mass to take home for a week to pray daily for vocations to the priesthood, religious life, marriage and family life.
Point of Contact: Jean Hodge: 770-945-2732
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Eucharistic Adoration

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is the recognition and honoring of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist outside the celebration of the Mass. During Eucharistic Adoration, the consecrated host is exposed in the monstrance for the veneration of the faithful.
Point of Contact: Teresa Elias, 678-524-1205,
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Nocturnal Adoration- Lead in Spanish

Nocturnal Adoration is a group that is in active prayer all through the night every first Saturday of the month.
Point of Contact: Francisco & Rafaela Castañeda, (678) 608- 6319
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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers, along with the Priests and Deacons, attend to the bread and cup during the Communion Rite of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Eucharistic Ministers must attend at least one of two workshops that are held each year.Point of Contact: Ingrid Boston 612.823.0924, or Mary Lynn Minder, 678.943.265,
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Eucharist to the Homebound

Eucharist to the Homebound brings the Eucharist to permanently homebound parishioners and residents of local nursing homes. Its members are compassionate, caring and willing to take the Eucharist to parishioners that are unable to come to Mass. A Homebound Minister must first be trained as a Eucharistic Minister.
Points of Contact: Felicia Newton, 404-641-7436
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Friends of Martha and Mary

The Friends of Martha and Mary care for Worship area and strive to provide a dignified and reverent atmosphere where our parish family can truly encounter Jesus. Its members maintain the altar and sacristy by caring for the altar linens, vessels, altar pieces, vestments the baptismal font/Holy Water, Pascal candle, votive candles, hymnals and chairs. This is a “behind the scenes” ministry that is vital to the life of the parish.
Points of Contact: Linens: Penelope Wargo, (404) 395-9347;
Candles: Frank and Judy Margavio, (770) 965-1231
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A greeters welcome to all people who attend weekend Masses and other designated liturgical services at our Church. They offer a smile, provide directions assistance upon request, and make everyone attending Mass feel special. New members are always welcome.
Point of Contact: Jim and Pat Hartman, 770-932-1575
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Lectors proclaim the Word of God during Liturgies. There are two lector workshops each year. Lectors must attend at least one of these two workshops.
Point of Contact: Richard Clawson, (678) 960-0067
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Sacristans are responsible to set up for Mass to ensure that the clergy will have the necessary vessels, altar linens, hosts, and wine for the Eucharistic celebrations. Sacristans are also responsible for the sign-in sheet for all liturgical ministers assigned to serve at a Mass to ensure their presence.
Point of Contact: Charlie Hodge, (678) 546-9695
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Ushers attend to the care and comfort of the members of our congregation before, during and after Liturgical celebrations. They assist with seating and passing out materials, collecting the offertory, and ensure that the Communion procession is conducted in an orderly manner. The main criteria for service are to be able to stand during the entire Mass and the ability to find seats when it looks like none exist! Ministry meetings are called as required. New members of this Ministry are always welcome.
Point of Contact: Richard Clawson, (678) 960-0067
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Wedding Coordinators

Wedding Coordinators work with couples that have chosen our Church as the location to host their marriages. After working with a priest and securing a date with the parish office, Coordinators assist the bride and groom with planning rehearsals and logistics of the wedding day. A Coordinator is on site the day of the wedding to handle any parish-specific details for the couple and to provide any assistance to them.
Point of Contact: Becki Breslin, (678) 943-8720
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